Main Events
Suzume Odori

Main Events of Sendai Aoba Matsuri
(Yoi)=Yoi Matsuri (an eve): Saturday
(Hon)=Hon Matsuri (a main day): Sunday


Opening Ceremony(Yoi)
Date Hinawaju Teppoutai enbushiki (A Ceremonial show of matchlock artillery) (Hon)
A powerful show of Hinawaju is going to be held.
Mori no ichi (A Flea Market)(Yoi) (Hon)
We have lots of shops on the street of Ichiban-cho ,Nishiki-cho Park,at a civic park in front of the government office and Kotodai park. "Aozora Market," a type of flea market is Also taking place.

Geinou Sai
Geinou Sai (The Performing Art Festival)(Yoi) (Hon)
We'll have some shows at a civic park in front of the government office,Nishiki-cho Park, and Kotodai park. There will be dances from all over the world, choruses and Japanese drums. We can enjoy marching bands and a fighting scene by samurai warriors in the Age of Provincial Wars.

Sendai Suzume Odori Contest(Yoi)
It is said that stonecutters danced Suzume Odori (a dance with gestures of sparrows ) at a celebration for building Aoba-jo Castle in the days of Date Masamune, and that it was the beginning of Suzume Odori. Three kinds of the dance are performed in this festival: Kosuzume Odori(a dance by children,) Butai Odori(a dance on the stage) and Nagashi Odori(a dancing parade through the streets ). The contest is going to be the finale with Jozenji Dori Onagashi ( Suzume Odori Dance through Jozenji street ).

Sendai Suzume Odori Contest

Suzume Odori Machinagashi

Sendai Suzume Odori Machinagashi (Suzume Odori Dance Parade through the streets in Sendai) (Hon)
About 3000 people are dancing and jumping passionately with fans in their one hand, which will make Hon Matsuri more lively.

Mikoshi Togyo

Aoba Jinja Mikoshi Togyo ( Aoba Jinja Shurine Mikoshi Parade)(Hon)
Mikoshi of Aoba Shrine commemorating to Sendai clan leader Masamune is going to be lifted by Ujiko (people who have the same ancestor) in white. Samurai warriors on the horsebacks are going to lead the cheerful procession which consists of Mikoshi, Chigo(children' s parade ) and so on.

Musha Gyoretsu
Musha Gyoretsu( A Procession of samurai warriors in the Age of Provincial Wars)(Hon)
Sendai clan leader Masamune and his brave soldiers are going to parade wearing Haori and Hakama( formal Japanese attire ) or in full armor. Each four ward in Sendai will join the parade with devised ideas.

Sendai Yamaboko Junkou (Sendai Floats Parade)(Hon)
More than 5-meter-high Yamaboko with bright decorations are parading through ,Aoba- dori and Higashiniban-cho-dori to the music, Ohayashi with shouts of the pullers. After all the Yamaboko parades, we are having Tejimeshiki.

1.Masamune-kou Yamaboko
2.Masamune-kou Kabuto Yamaboko
3.Hayashi Yamaboko
4.Daikokuten Yamaboko
5.Odai yamaboko
6.Ebisu Yamaboko
7.Miyabi Ymamaboko
8.Aobagoma Yamaboko
9.Shichifuku Odaiko Yamaboko
10.Karajishi Yamaboko
11.Goshinsen Yamaboko


Sendai Shobo Dento Hashigonori-Tai(A Group of Traditional Performances on Ladders by Firemen)(Hon)
"Sendai Shobo Dento Hashigonori-Tai," a group of traditional performances on ladders consisted of 7 fire departments in Sendai will show us their performances, "Hashigonori Embu." We hope you will enjoy their brave and fine art.